Episode 15 – Miniseries: Trills

Another episode of The Complete Musician podcast has arisen from the deep, and this time it’s the beginning of a *miniseries* on creative technique!  We define the word “creative” activity by using the word creative in the definition (which is etymologically wrong, if we’re even using that word right), and we think it’s how we make the horn easier by doing fun things!

This miniseries starts on how to trill on the horn and fun ways to practice the lip trill or better flexibility on all of your fun overtone partial exercises, your Mozart concerti, or any other fun you want to have on your instrument!

Featured in this episode: horn flips, the abject horror you feel when a mariachi band gets on your subway car, some ridiculous trilly sound effects, the most chaotic and ridiculous Mary Had a Little Lamb you have ever heard, Drew’s ability to pick out the key of Mozart’s 2nd horn concerto without hearing it first, some cricket chirps, talk about fences and how to balance on them (in the physical and musical sense), seriously non-degradation of Kopprasch and metronomic activities, an exciting fanfare, some horror screams, and James’ relief at having the pressure of this podcast taken off him.

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