Episode 16 – Midsouth Special

The Cor Moto Horn Duo just got back from a great trip to Wichita, Kansas (Drew’s never been before, and Spangles is his new favorite restaurant) where we performed, judged competitions, and gave a lecture at the Mid-South Horn Workshop hosted by the incomparable Jeb Wallace! We gave a lecture entitled “Utilizing Technology to Enhance Your Online Musical Portfolio” (which sounds like a major snoozefest) but really just means “How to Use the Internet Goodly”. We recorded the lecture and have made it available here to listen to in case you weren’t able to make it to our lecture (or weren’t in Kansas last weekend). We hope you enjoy listening to our lecture about our experience with internet promotion peppered by weird stories, comparisons, musical puns, and moments of levity (because…well you’ve met us, probably).

Included in this podcast: weird internet lingo, Pat Hughes’ secret life as a famous muralist, James’ ability to come up with unprofessional email addresses very quickly, shameless plugs to go listen to Adam Wolf’s and Tracy Friedlander’s podcasts (Pathways and Crushing Classical, respectively), some unknown incarcerations, Drew’s past life running a geriatric hospital, examples of click-bait, the menu for Drew and James’ new restaurant Ein Heldenburger, and a demonstration of the shocking forward facing camera that surprises you when you take an unexpected selfie.

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