Episode 17 – Miniseries: Articulation!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there were awesome movies that happened that have nothing to do with the fact that there is another episode of The Complete Musician Podcast available!

This episode is about articulation (insert horror movie scream) and how we can get better at it through some silly and fun exercises that aren’t as mundane as clicking up one marking on the metronome on one etude!  This episode is especially fun because Drew forgot his pop filter when we recorded, so all of his P words have great articulation on them!

Also featured in this episode: the struggles of single and multiple tonguing, Pavlovian food reinforcement theories for tonguing better, call and response games, changing up melodies you already know, beach music and amazement at not seeing the ocean, advice to not bring your horn to the beach, hiding medicine in food (and not a spoonful of sugar), Drew’s cheese hatred and how he didn’t tongue for his first year of playing, and James’ patented formula for creating an academic thesis!

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