Halloween Spooktacular!

BOO! Happy Halloween to our friends, colleagues, pals, enemies, mechanics, pediatricians, and all of the picnics of witches out there! The Cor Moto Horn Duo hopes that you have a spectacularly spooky Halloween! This is a special podcast where we have tons of fun activities and lots of laughs (complete with a slew of always cringe-worthy puns) to do with Drew’s favorite holiday, Halloween (or B’Halloween as he calls it – you have to listen to find out why)!

Not only is this a fun Halloween activity podcast, but this might be our most educational episode yet (like, we both actually really did learn things)! Here are some of the things you can learn about by listening:

-Carlo Gesualdo and what a psycho killer he was!

-So much about grammar and parts of speech!

-How Heck Berlioz was almost a homicidal crazy!

-What a group of witches is called!

-Who exactly Da Baddest on Earth is!

-What composer incited a public riot at an opera, causing two sopranos to physically brawl onstage!

-Why frogs (specifically frog eyes) are banned in Los Angeles!

-How to attend the special Halloweenie Carnival hosted by the Cor Moto Horn Duo!

-Why Jack-o-Lanterns are actually Irish in origin!

-The actual make up of James’ FAVORITE – Candy corn!

And SO much more!

Also featured in this episode: Halloween Mad Libs, Farmer’s Market bargain hunters, John Williams and his dashing smile, Beethoven’s ode to dead poodles, what the original Jack O’Lanterns were made of, the best version of Thriller you’ve EVER heard, a Toccata and Fugue in D Minor to die for, a ridiculously hilarious Dennis Brain reference, and more! As always, thank you so much for listening!!

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