Episode 21 – Performance Anxiety Miniseries: Part 1 – Preparation!

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind?  Or paper thin, like a house of cards about to cave in?  Or buried so deep when you scream no one hears?  Or is that just Katy Perry when she tries to play the recorder on stage (look up “Katy Perry flute fail” on Youtube if you don’t know what I’m talking about)?  And speaking of completely bombing, let’s talk about a fantastic subject: performance anxiety!

Here at Cor Moto Horn Duo Inc. (LLC pending) we prefer to think of performing as an exciting time where we get to connect with our audience through music, humor, and general goofiness.  But it takes time to discover your “on stage persona” and the silliness that accompanies it, and we’d like to help you take steps to discovering how you can view the performance stage less like the bank of the river Styx and more like a 24 hour Cookout that you live next door to and get free food at whenever you like!  This first part talks about preparation strategies for the performance, including specific ways of practicing, who to play for, and what to do on the day of!

Also included in this episode: James’ teeth brushing habits, a terrible habit of time-stamping, charts that can help you up your percentage of accuracy, a brand new game show called “You Should Know This!”, how to respectfully and positively hold your friends hostage, loaded potatoes and why you should avoid them, recording a piece perfectly, qualities of music that is “good enough”, pounding Mountain Dews, and many more!

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