Episode 22 – What Music We’re Writing and Listening To!

If you have two thumbs, two ears, and are missing a finger (or three) then this message and musical podcast is for you!  The next episode in The Complete Musician Podcast is now live and freshly seasoned for your hefty appetite!  On this edition, we discuss some of the recent repertoire additions that we’ve composed, who we’ve written them for, and talk about some other kinds of music we enjoy listening to that inspires us!  You’ll never guess what kinds of music that the Cor Moto Horn Duo listens to when it’s not classical music, and boy will you be surprised!  Special shout-out to Annie Marchesani and the University of Texas at Austin Horn Quartet who get mentioned and music written for them!  Send us what music you listen to that you think we should hear!

Other things we cover in this episode: Floral businesses and why you should support them; who the heck is that John Williams guy anyway?; great party bands out in Mobile, AL; turn signals; Zelda (and if you don’t like Zelda, you shouldn’t be listening); Biebl’s and bee-boops; what James doesn’t know about Christmas; what Drew is listening to at the gym if you interrupt him; defining the word “pretty”; Robin Hood; the steep buy-in price to be a Cor Moto Horn Duo member, and even more!

Annie’s Blooms website: www.annies-blooms.com

Elizabeth Raum’s “Sherwood Legend for Horn and Orchestra” Mvmt. 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2crnmRtOLk

Michael Kamen’s “Concerto for Saxophone” Mvmt. 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPjmPU9wvTk

Animals as Leaders “The Woven Web”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g68hQ4zJ3t0

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Preview YouTube video Sherwood Legend: I. Swashbuckling Hero

Sherwood Legend: I. Swashbuckling Hero

Preview YouTube video Michael Kamen & David Sanborn 1. First Movement

Michael Kamen & David Sanborn 1. First Movement

Preview YouTube video ANIMALS AS LEADERS – The Woven Web