Our Philosophy

Cor Moto: Promoting complete musicianship through performance, composition, and improvisation. Author Daniel Pink, in his book “A Whole New Mind,” notes how we as a society are moving from the information age to the conceptual age, where success is defined and achieved by ingenuity and creative thinking. Helping students think creatively in and across the many arms of music helps them uniquely define success and offers strategies to achieve those goals, both in music and beyond. Rather than just telling students about divergent thinking strategies, we aim to show them through performance and masterclasses.

Our recitals are what make us unique. We:
  • Perform as both horn soloist and collaborative pianist
  • Perform original compositions
  • Promote creativity and improvisation in performance
  • Encourage audience interaction through Q&A and in general removing the “wall” between performer and audience
  • Have fun making music!

The name Cor Moto comes from the shortened Corno Con Moto, or Horn With Motion. This both relates to our energetic approach towards musicianship and to us physically being in motion switching back and forth between horn and piano. After all, music is “sound in motion.”

Contact Details

Email: cormotohorn@gmail.com
Website: www.CorMotoHorn.com