Episode 13 – Summer Update

We’ve had a pretty busy summer so far and wanted to update our viewers about all the activities we have been up to and what we have coming up!  This summer update talks about all of our creative ventures and performances we have done and will do in the summer of 2018!

In this episode we talk about new jobs, financial struggles in being a gigging musician, buying houses, events you should attend at the 50th International Horn Symposium at Ball State University in Muncie, IN, plugs for Steven Cohen’s newest upcoming CD “Cruise Control”, new compositions by both of us, Disney World, and the all-American southern greatest fast food chain on earth: Cookout!

Also featured in this episode: Tom Cruise screams, a Ray Charles/Stevie Wonder/Taylor Swift mashup, The Little Mermaid, UGA’s fight song, an intermittent commercial for Steven Cohen, a saxophone choir playing Strauss’ second horn concerto, and the fanfare from La Peri!

Please send all comments, question, suggestions for Florida sunblock, and Cookout tray combinations to our email at cormotohorn@gmail.com.

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