Episode 19 – Miniseries: Rhythm!

You know what they say, “When the going gets tough, the tough get podcasting” and we have certainly gotten tougher (or maybe everyone around us is getting weaker at the end of the school year)!  Here’s another episode of the The Complete Musician podcast for you to stab with your fork, taste, chew up, and spit out (but don’t really, because gross).  We are continuing our technique Miniseries on exercises to improve rhythm for yourself and your students, because playing Gershwin endlessly on repeat ain’t cuttin’ it!  We explore how to use the metronome to make practice fun and do exercises with friends and by yourself to improve your rhythmic accuracy!  We are totally late on getting this out, so enjoy that fact that this is totally not at the beginning of the semester!

Featured in this episode: musical things and stuff (and why you always end sentences with stuff), how to catch the rare Pokemon Tubatrill and Tremotuba, interrupting fanfares with bad tone, metronome usage that is fun, the Jeopardy theme, sad instrument lists, very stylishly dressed garden decorations, Furbies and how they scream, improvisation games with rhythm, and clapping games!

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