Episode 30 – Teaching Miniseries Interview with Dr. Anne-Marie Cherry Pt. 1!

Howdy, how do, and how now brown cow(?) everyone, it’s time to be excited because another episode of The Complete Musician Podcast is available and this one is a hoot!  It doesn’t matter if you’re a musician, electrician, athlete, or aspiring VSCO girl (AKA 90’s identity thief), everyone loves guest interviews, and this week, Dr. Anne-Marie Cherry dropped by on The Complete Musician Podcast to talk teaching and pedagogy!

Dr. Cherry is the horn professor at Columbus State University in Columbus, GA and is a horn virtuoso, teacher extraordinaire, and might be into buying barrels of eels, skydiving, or baking (everyone is entitled to their own interests), but she is certainly a great interviewee and pedagogue when it comes to talking about teaching students!  She stopped by to discuss the recent miniseries of podcasts that came out that Drew did on teaching and they discussed a whole host of things about different strategies of teaching!  One of the things they most encourage is for all teachers to talk shop together and trade teaching ideas, because neither claim to know everything, and both want to learn how to better teach their own students (James also believes this, but he was off being an internationally famous performing horn rockstar halfway across the world, so we will catch him on the next pedagogy episode).  This is part one of two, so come on back soon for the next one!

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