Episode 32 – Performance Anxiety Miniseries: Part 2 – Focus!

Ain’t nobody got time for all this Christmas music playing in November before Thanksgiving, but EVERYBODY got time to listen to this new episode of The Complete Musician Podcast!  We continue a miniseries we are in about Performance Anxiety and some thoughts we have on how to make playing in front of people easier.  This episode talks about what kinds of things you can focus on to help regulate your thoughts going through your head as you are playing, and how to stay positive and control what is coming out of your instrument without overwhelming you  while performing!

Features of this episode: Drew’s overuse of sound effects that he didn’t realize was too many until he listened back to this episode and really didn’t want to edit anymore, focus on one or two thoughts while playing, the topic of multitasking, playing differences in performing good, goodish, goodly, and goodlyish, who is going to show up first (or at all) if you invite Drew or James to dinner, why being a professional Fortnite or Twitch streamer is a tragic career for children now, our inability to understand why “yeet” and “fleek” are being added to the Scrabble dictionary, and others!

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