Episode 42 – Halloween Spooktacular 2022!

Happy Halloween and spooky season! The Cor Moto Horn Duo is here to celebrate Halloween with you (like we do every year) and play some fun spooky games that are sort of music-adjacent, but always a good time! This episode is also special because there is a GIVEAWAY at the end, so listen to the entire episode to have a chance to win some free music from us! We play some games about candy, make up some stories, talk about horror movies, insert silly sound effects, and all sorts of fun things! Topics discussed are:
-Horror genres (and subgenres, and supergenres, and stupid genres, and everything inbetween)

-Kenny G echoing from nowhere

-What you would do if your triangle turned into roaches :O

-John Williams’ candy preferences

-The pros and cons of hydrating intensely before Tchaikovsky’s 5th symphony

-What an illegal deal in euchre looks like

-Potty humor, but not like the dirty kind, just literally humor about potties

-A quiz on horror film themes

-An illegal activity in Arizona we just learned about

…and so much more!
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