Episode 46 – Bad chops days and how to deal!

You ever had one of those days where your chops are just giving a big ol’ NOPE to playing that day? We’ve all been there! And sometimes it can big mentally draining to try and overcome these moments (especially if you’ve got a rehearsal in like 10 minutes!), so what can you do? The Cor Moto Horn duo is here to offer some thoughts on how to combat these weird and random bad chops days and get you back to playing your best! Included in this episode is:

  • Which instrument Drew can successfully warm up on (trumpet or horn)
  • What things you can actually do when the lips just feel strange
  • Colton snoring the entire episode
  • The barf range
  • Mouthpiece break points
  • A teaser about the next podcast topic (it’ll be a doozy)

And even more!

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