Episode 20 – Miniseries: Tone!

Hello!  Howdy!  Bonjour!  Jambo!  *Waves incoherently*!  Ciao!  Namaste!  HEY, LISTEN!  (Wait, when did Navi get here?  Get out of here you annoying fairy!)

We’re wrapping (not rapping, and that’s because we respect all you people enough to not torture you) up our miniseries on technical acquisition and ending with one of the BEST things we can create with our instruments, which is a good tone!  Having a good tone is like having a really cool car: everyone wants it and you constantly have to fight off ninjas from stealing it (wait, is that right?)!  We explore some fun ways to improve your tone and ways to think about how having the ability to change your tone (from dark to bright, closed to open, yellow to green, opaque to perennial, fusion to fission, meiosis to mitosis, aphorism to hyperbolic conundrum, you know, TONE) makes you an extremely adaptable musician that everyone will want to play with!  We also have a new fun segment called Improv Update where I improvise with my kids and report my findings, and we end with a Q&A with the Cor Moto Horn Duo on weird gigs and icky shellfish!

Included in this episode: vowel fun, JAWS, how to avoid your parents yelling at you, oinks, moos, and barnyard jibber-jabber, annoying everyone with Sun Chips bags, how being compared to a trombone is a capital offense, improvisation games, rude and judgemental llamas, dumb Grieg stopped pitches, horrifying Pines of Rome high notes, hoarders, and gigs where you never read through the whole concert before playing the show!

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