Episode 23 – Recording!

It ain’t our fault that we are out here making news, and you can blame it on the Goose, the juice, or whatever, but you can count on the fact that there is another episode of The Complete Musician Podcast to listen to!  We’ve tackled and beat up the topic of recording before (check out previous episodes) but this time we are talking about demo recordings and making them for our compositions or just other pieces.  We burst bubbles, admit hilarity, and have bloopers all the time and you should know that we always have a great time making recordings, so you should, too!  Even if you can’t play the piano, trying to make high quality recordings makes you a better and more complete musician!

Also included in this episode: the newest in James’ ideas for an improved sled invention, intonation and coordination woes, piano mishaps, slight cheating when recording REALLY hard piano parts, defining characteristics of being human, a new way to whittle cheese, should we be in denial over the Nile, the return of Da Baddest on Earth, and more!
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