Episode 34 – Note testing and tasting!

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, and START listening to the newest posted episode of The Complete Musician Podcast (and you don’t even need to know the Konami code to access it)!

James is finally back from his hiatus (buying things on Amazon like entire boxes of Apple-O’s) and we talk about the habit of note-testing before playing excerpts, solos, or any musical passage, and how that does not set you up for success!  We also discuss many strategies for breaking this habit and replacing it with other techniques to be more confident in all of your entrances!

We also play a game at the end of the podcast that lets you into some of our personal popular and unpopular opinions!

Topics covered include:

  • Awareness of habits we’d like to change
  • Trader Joes fresh Indian food
  • Singing and how useful it is
  • Some very unpopular musical opinions on Prince and The Rolling Stones
  • Cheerwine and why James is wrong about it
  • Some EXTREMELY unpopular musical opinions on Schumann and Strauss
  • The one job of a cymbal player
  • Which one of us likes room temperature soda
  • The Office after Michael Scott is stupid and DON’T @ US
  • Our final opinion on the phrase “Good luck”
  • Which one of us said “I think my head hurts going to movies because I forget to blink”

And many more!

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