Episode 35 – COVID Special!

Cough! Sneeze! Achoo! Ack!

Something is afoot in our nation and it might be takin’ after Peggy Lee and givin’ you fever, or you may be just holed up in your home with too much toilet paper, but now you have a lot of time to listen to the newest episode of The Complete Musician Podcast!

We are facing very dire times in our nation and James and Drew are VERY concerned about how to continue teaching students if we all have to work from home! We are not doctors that actually heal people BUT we have some ideas about how you and your teacher can still do remote private lessons and improve at your instrument. These ideas are 100% based in fact, experimentation, and scientific study, so make sure to listen thoroughly and take very seriously because we are experts.

We also play a game where you get to learn about new music to make you more complete in your well-founded musical knowledge by guessing which band names Drew found on the internet or made up!

Topics include:

  • The true meaning of distance learning
  • A 2319 and how we can learn through it
  • Mason jar usage
  • The real world applications of Clearasil and Purell
  • What all music doctors learn in secret doctorate classes we aren’t supposed to share with you
  • Konami Code for Ninjas
  • Owls and their songs used for weddings

    And more!

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