Episode 39 – Getting Better… Without Your Instrument!

Go eeEEeeEEeeEEaaAAsy on us (with Adele) and be happy because we are back!  The Cor Moto Horn Duo has gotten to come up for a breath of fresh air and we wanted to breathe some very invigorating life into this podcast with new and renewed energy, so sit back and enjoy our comeback podcast!
In this episode, we address how you can actually get better over the summer at your instrument, even if you don’t want to unpack (because burnout is real and not just what happened last week when Drew attempted to operate a grill!).  Some topics we cover are:

  • Transposition practice
  • Listening to all sorts of music
  • Does it matter what octave you freebuzz in?
  • Mathematical properties and home ownership
  • The real problem with transposing by clef (spoiler: it’s the people)
  • Aural skills help
  • How many notes Drew would miss if you gave him a transposed Brahms 2 part
  • James’ favorite activity (spoiler: hiding under a blanket in silence)
  • Pickleball classical music bias and why racquet sports need more Chopin-esque Zelda themes in their lives
  • Rabbitholes on Youtube
  • The easiest way to be disenrolled from the UGA horn studio
  • A case for Nickelback

And even more!
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