Episode 38 – Halloween Special 2021

Happy Halloween and welcome to another spooktacular episode of The Complete Musician Podcast! We haven’t done a Halloween podcast in a while (like since last Halloween), so we are thrilled and chilled to bring you more scary fun! Games abound today with made up scary stories, candy discussions, and scary music talk!

Other topics include:

-How Drew is now TikTok famous and his mean replies

-Identifying “sticky” Southern food comparisons

-Scary story discernment

-James’ continued hatred of candy corn

-WAY too many people liking Hot Tamales

-8-Bit Taylor Swift music and Yakkity Sax

-How to identify Drew’s made-up stories

-The insane inflation of the candy market

-The weirdly satisfying sensation of biting through a slightly melted Jolly Rancher

…and so much more!

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