Episode 37 – Creative Composition Episode!

It’s the not posting a podcast for months at a time and then waltzing into the room (in 4/4 time) like we haven’t been gone for half a year for us, and boy are we excited to be back! The Cor Moto Horn duo has resurfaced from the depths of this first semester of teaching (or whatever it was that actually happened) and wanted to talk about some of the musical things we have done over the past year in terms of composition! Some really neat projects have been undertaken and completed, so we hope you enjoy a sample of the fun things we have been working on! Also, if you don’t listen to this for any other reason, at least listen to the end for what probably should have ended up on the blooper reel, but was left purely because we dissolve into laughter over a scratchy throat.

Topics for this episode include:

  • New compositions and commissions
  • Consortiums
  • How we don’t remember how to do anything technological except screen share or use a digital whiteboard
  • What makes a piece of music Swedish
  • Secret student blogs on the internet
  • Some luck and some dreams…but not necessarily in that order
  • How James keeps breaking his glass harmonicas
  • What constitutes music that has “meat on the bones” (sorry to all the Schumann fans out there)
  • When James will and won’t hold your hand (AKA the ossia debacle)
  • The love that we feel for the fourth movement of Episodes for Horn and Piano
  • Plans of a future episode in which we bring in our original music in a Shark Tank style episode of critique
  • How the last podcast we posted was about the time Space Jam came out
  • The best demo for James’ piece Nine Miniatures that you’ve ever heard
  • Jeff Agrell’s obsession with Nordic soap operas
  • Seeds and bonsai trees
  • Paper Mario and O Holy Night arrangements
  • The best cough-laugh sequence you’ve ever heard that definitely should have been left for the blooper reel

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