Special Beginning of the Semester Episode – Advice for Making the Most of your School Year!

It’s that time of year again!  Fresh pencils, new notebooks, crusty mouthpieces (yum!); the school year is starting back again and college students and teachers everywhere are returning to another academic year!  The Cor Moto Horn Duo has been in school literally since we were 5, and we’ve got some tips to making this upcoming year the best one yet!  We each made lists of advice for students and teachers about taking advantage of getting organized and making the most of your time in college and we think these will help you out.  If you’re already doing many of these, sometimes it’s helpful to hear again and remind that everyone is also wondering “How will I survive this year??” just as much as you are!  School doesn’t have to feel like Alcatraz (unless you live on an island where it is perpetually feels like winter, even in the middle of the hottest summer); school can be as delightful as a 24/7 Froyo stand that has set prices and doesn’t weigh the cups after you’ll piled as many gummy worms and sprinkles on as you can!  And if you know about that place – hit me up ASAP!

Other topics covered: the laziness of those darn Muppets, awkward encounters with former teachers, the 80’s show Dynasty and why you should be watching it, an Oscar-deserving movie about evil broccoli, swing dancing fails, Spongebob references, FUN, and tons of other advice that you should be listening to us about!

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